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Epoxy Fiberglass Wing Sets, Canards & Billet Aluminum Wing Stabilizer Bracket Kit


1980's to present day part# SG950WS wing set

1990's to present day

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SG955WS .jpg

1979 - 1985 Bud Griffon Wing Set

SG7931WS .jpg

1979 - 1984 Cathedral Wing Set

1/8 Scale & 1/6.667 Gas Scale Hydro Carbon Fiber Wing Mount

part# SG100CFWB_Carbon Fiber Wing Bracke

Measurements: 4-1/2" H  x 3-1/2" W  x 1" Base  

Price for Carbon Fiber Wing Mount:

part# SG100CFWM ..........$42.00 

SG117H .jpg

Here's a photo of carbon fiber wing mount installed.

Will work with 1/8 scale & 1/6.667 scale aka gas scale.

1/8 Scale & 1/6.667 Gas Scale Hydro Billet Aluminum Wing Stabilizer Bracket Kit 

1 _edited.jpg

RC Boat Company Inc 

Stabilizer Bracket Kit

part# SG100SB

1/8 Scale

Gas Scale


Price for Custom Made Wing Stabilizer Bracket Kit:

part# SG100SB ......... $145.00 plus shipping   


Photo of real unlimited hydroplane 

Please note: the struts are not drilled & tapped.
You will have to fit the struts to your set up. Then drill & tap the strut ends.

The kit comes with a drill bushing and a tap bushing.  

Wing Stabilizer kit comes with:
1 - 1" x 2" Custom made billet aluminum stabilizer bracket
2 - M3 - Aluminum/Stainless Steel Ball Links
2 - 440 Du-Bro Steel Threaded Rod Ends

2 - 1" Steel Treaded Rods

2 - 3/16" x  12" Aluminum Rods
2 - Du-Bro Steel Landing Gear Straps  
6 - Stainless Steel Screws, Lock Nuts & Washers

1 - Drill Bushing

1 - Tap Bushing 


Aluminum drill/tap bushings are clearly marked.   

Photo of Smokin Joe's

r/c unlimited hydroplane. 

part# SG100SB Stabilizer Wing Kit. 


1/8 Scale Canard   ~  Ram Wing 

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