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1/8 Scale Unlimited Hydro

part# SG1600C

Epoxy Fiberglass Cowling

To order this cowl email:

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Gas Scale Hulls part#SG1600C_cowling.jpg

Price for 1/8 Scale Two Piece Cowling.

part# SG1600C .................. $138.00

1996-98 U-100 Pico American Dream Hull# 96100 (14).jpg

Measurements:   front 14-1/4"  L  x  5-1/4” W   
                                             back 20-5/8"  L  x  5-3/4"  W  x  5" H 

Ordering: email

part#, year, U# and name on the unlimited hydroplane your building. 

Shipping info: provide a complete mailing address for the shipping cost. 


Part# SG1600C will build the following 1/8 scale unlimited hydroplanes:
The cowling/parts will need modifications to fit your hull.

These are the Fred Leland unlimited hydroplanes. I use Jim Sharkey Hydro's Who's Who book for reference.

Master Hull# 9299.9

Click on boat name to view photo.

Master Hull# 9399.9

Click on boat name to view photo.

Master Hull# 9698

Click on boat name to view photo.

1992 U-99.9 The Brake Shop

1992 U-99.9 KISW/Miss Rock

1992 U-99.9 Hanalei Hotel

1992 U-99.99 Lytle for State Representative 

1993 U-100 American Spirit

1993 U-100 ARC Construction

1993 U-8 Tide/American Spirit

1993 U-100 Dallas Motor Coach

1994 U-99.9 Buehler's Buy-Low

1994 U-99.9 KISW Miss Rock

1994 U-99.9 Kroger's Special

1994 U-99.9 Miss Wellness Plan

1995 U-99.9 Appian Renegade

1995 U-99.9 Miss Vons

1995 U-99.9 KISW/Miss Rock

1995 U-99.9 Miss Columbia Communication

1996 U-99.9 Waffle House

1996 U-99.9 Miss Jenifer

1996 U-99.9 Miss Welborn Health Plans

1996 U-99.9 Miss R.S. Eastin

1996 U-99.9 Miss Performance Mortgage

1996 U-99.9 Miss Wellness Plan

1996 U-19 Appian Jeronimo

1997 U-19 Appian Jeronimo

1998 U-19 Easter Seals

1998 U-19 Waikiki Trolley

1999 U-19 Waikiki Trolley

1999 U-19 Tveten's RV Mart 

2003 U-19 Miss Royal Hotel

2003 U-19 Miss Graham Trucking

2003 U-19 Empire Contractures 

2004 U-20 Miss Warner Auto Sales

2005 U-5 (Yellow)

2007 U-5 (Red)

Master Hull# 96100

Click on boat name to view photo.

1999 U-20 Appian Jeronimo Hull# 9698 (9).jpg

1996 U-98 Chaplin's Bellevue Mazda/Subaru1996 U-99 Chaplin's Bellevue Mazda/Subaru
1996 U-99 Miss Vons
1997 U-99 Stihl
1997 U-99 Miss Wellness

1997 U-1 Pico American Dream
1997 U-99 KGMB Channel 9
1997 U-1 Pico American Dream KGMB Channel 9
1998 U-20 Appian Jeronimo

1999 U-20 Appian Jeronimo

2001 U-20 Jack-son's Jeronimo

2001 U-20 Golden Nugget Casino

Owned by Mark Evans, Lake Chelan, WA
Rebuild the boat as a four seater. 

Master Hull# 9701

Click on boat name to view photo.

Master Hull# 9899

Click on boat name to view photo.













Lexan Canopy ~ Windshield.

part# SG1600LC .................. $30.00


Lexan Driver

part# SGDriver ............. $8.00

SG118Tray RC Boat .jpg

Carbon Fiber Cockpit Tray

part# SG118Tray ...... $18.00

1996-98 U-100 Pico American Dream Hull# 96100 (6).JPG
SG950WS wing set.jpg
SG100CFWM_Carbon Fiber Wing Mount .jpg

Carbon Fiber Wing Mounts

part# SG100CFWM ...... $40.00

SG4LB 8th scale lifting brackets .jpg

Aluminum Lifting Brackets

part# SG4LB ......... $12.00


1/8 Scale Wing Set

part# SG950WS .................. $75.00

RCBoatCompany SG1300CW.jpg

Canard Wing

part# SG1300CW ...... $38.00

Measurements: Length 12-3/8"

                            Width 3-3/8"

2002 U-25 Silver Dollar Casino MH# 96100 Seattle, WA (1).jpg
2009 U-100 Miss Jarvis Painting MH# 9899 Detroit, MI (3).jpg

Note: Customers modified part# SG1300CW

canard wing to build the Leland hydro's.

Price for Stabilizer Bracket Kit:

part# SG100SB ..... 

Click here for details

the device with two or (usually) three blades connected to a shaft and turned
by the engine, thereby generating thrust from rotation in the water; current
unlimited hydroplanes employ a surface-piercing propeller; also called "prop,"
wheel," or "screw.

Prop Shaft:
propeller shaft, the rotating shaft that passes through the bottom of the boat,
connecting and transmitting power from engine/gearbox to the propeller;
generally of Monel or high-strength steel alloy with a diameter of 1-3/4 to 2

2005 U-5 MH# 9299.9_Seattle, WA (5).jpg
2007 U-1 II MH# 9299.9 Tri-Cities, WA (1).jpg
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