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Gas Scale Hulls


Hello r/c unlimited hydroplane builders & racers! 


Ordering Update  

As of May 7, 2022

I'm still working off my back order list and cannot take any new orders. 

June 7th I will be having a medical procedure and will not be able

to lift anything for two weeks. Then the next two weeks light lifting. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I do not do this full time.

have a full time job and build hulls & parts in the afternoon.


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I'm currently remolding the 1/8 scale T-6 hull kit part# SG121H

I'll let you know soon as it becomes available.

This hull kit will now be a VIP vacuum infusion process. 


                           Custom aluminum stabilizer bracket kit is out of stock.

                                   My guy recently purchased a CNC machine.

                     He is learning the new programs to make scale parts for me.

                         I will let you know soon as they are available on this page.

*The Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is a technique that uses vacuum pressure
to drive resin into a laminate. Materials are laid dry into the mold and vacuum
is applied before resin is introduced. Once a complete vacuum is achieved,
resin is literally sucked into the laminate via carefully placed tubing.

This process creates hull kits that are lighter and stronger hydro's.
They come with a clear coat finish and standard carbon fiber hull.


I will continue to offer this process on future hull kits and parts.  
New updates will be posted on the website as they are completed.

Thanks for supporting a small business!



Gas Scale part# SG500H-GS Hull Kit ~ Video of the first run!!


Captain Perry - Randy - Jack - Pickles - Steve
The race crew test day. Gas Scales
1983 U-40 Miss Houston & 1960 U-79-2 Nitrogen Too

ABOUT RC Boat Company

Steve Gualtieri has been racing R/C boats since the early 90's.

In 2007 he acquired 1/8 scale unlimited hydroplane molds from the legendary Bill Fritz  

and has gone on to add many new hull kits and parts.

Today’s hulls are epoxy fiberglass with built-in flotation and optional carbon fiber reinforcements.

In 2019 he began offering the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), which results in high quality,

strong, durable and lightweight hydro's.

Most of the 1/6.667 scale hydro's — aka gas scale — are now built using this vacuum infusion process.

He will continue adding new hull kits  & parts at the highest quality possible.

Thank you for supporting a local small business.

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