1/8 scale epoxy fiberglass rc boat cowling (2 pieces)
Measurements:  14-1/4"  L  x  5-1/4” W   (front)
20-5/8"  L  x  5-3/4"  W  x  5" H  (back)
Price for 1/8 Scale Cowling:
#SG1600C ..............  $118.00 plus shipping
Lexan Canopy
#SG1600LC  ..... $24.00 plus shipping
Lexan Driver
#SGDRIVER .... $8.00 plus shipping
Our SG118H hull kit will all of these boats with this cowling.
Click here for more information about this hull kit
Aluminum Lifting Brackets
#SG4LB ........ $12.00 plus shipping
Carbon Fiber Cockpit Tray
#SG118Tray ... $14.00 plus shipping
Canard Wing
#SG1300CW .... $30.00 plus shipping
Note: Customers modified this canard
wing to build the hydro's listed above.
1996-98 U-100 Pico American Dream
Master Hull# 96100
2002 U-25 Silver Dollar Casino
Master Hull# 96100
1/8 Scale Wing Set
#SG950WS ..... $60.00 plus shipping
Carbon Fiber Wing Mounts
#SG100CFWM ..$38.00 plus shipping
4-1/2" H x 3-1/2" W x 1" Base
the device with two or (usually) three blades connected to a shaft and turned
by the engine, thereby generating thrust from rotation in the water; current
unlimited hydroplanes employ a surface-piercing propeller; also called "prop,"
wheel," or "screw."

Prop Shaft:
propeller shaft, the rotating shaft that passes through the bottom of the boat,
connecting and transmitting power from engine/gearbox to the propeller;
generally of Monel or high-strength steel alloy with a diameter of 1-3/4 to 2
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please include your complete
mailing address with zip code
I'll give you the shipping cost.
Part# SG1600C will 1/8 scale unlimited hydroplanes:
Please note: This is a sample listing.  If you do not see your hull listed, please ask.
Cowling will require modifications to work on your hull.
This cowling may work on other hulls from this era.
These are the Fred Leland unlimited hydroplanes. I use Jim Sharkey
Hydro's Who's Who book for refernce.
If you have photos of these hydro's please email me and I'll add them to the website.  
Master Hull# 9299.9
Click on boat name to view a photo.
1992 U-99.9 The Brake Shop
1992 U-99.9 KISW/Miss Rock
1992 U-99.9 Lytle for State Rep.
1992 U-99.9 Miss Hanalie Hotel
1993 U-100 Dallas Motor Coach
1993 U-100 American Spirit
1993 U-100 ARC Construction
1993 U-8 Tide(2)/American Spirit
1994 U-99.9 KISW/Miss Rock
1994 U-99.9 Miss Wellness Plan
1994 U-99.9 Buehler's Buy-Low
1994 U-99.9 Krogers Special
1995 U-99.9 Appian Renegade
1995 U-99.9 Miss Wellness Plan
1995 U-99.9 Kisw/Miss Rock
1995 U-99.9 Miss Vons
1995 U-99.9 Miss Columbia Comm.
1996 U-99.9 Waffle House
1996 U-99.9 Miss Wellness Plan
1996 U-99.9 Miss Jenifer
1996 U-99.9 Miss Welborn Health Plans
1996 U-99.9 Miss R.S. Eastin
1996 U-99.9 Miss Performance Mortgage
1997 U-99.9 Appian Jeronimo
1998 U-19 Easter Seals
1998 U-19 The Waikki Trolley
1999 U-19 Tveten's R.V. Mart
1999 U-19 The Waikki Trolley
2003 U-19 Miss Royal Hotel
2003 U-19 Miss Braham Trucking
2004 U-19 Empire Contractors
2004 U-20 Miss Warner Auto Sales
2005 U-5 Formulaboats.com
2007 U-1 Formulaboats.com II
Master Hull# 96100
Click on boat name to view a photo.
1996 U-100 Pico American Dream
1997 U-1 Pico American Dream
1998 U-100 Pico American Dream
1999 U-15 Miss Commercial Sealant
Master Hull# 9399.9
1993 U-99.9 Kisw/Miss Rock
1993 U-99.9 Coor's Light
1993 U-99.9 Spirit of Hawaii
1994 U-100 Pico American Dream
1995 U-100 Pico American Dream
1996 U-100 Pico American Dream
1997 U-99 Stihl
1997 U-99 Miss Vons
1997 U-99 Hire Power
1999 U-100 Miss Pico
2004 U-00 Windemere Real Estate
2004 U-00 Skyway Park Bowl & Casino
2005 U-99 Miss Lakeridge Paving
2008 U-50 Spirit of the Navy
2008 U-50 Miss Albert Lee
Click on boat name to view a photo.
Master Hull# 9698
1996 U-98 Chaplin's Bellevue Mazda/Subaru
1996 U-99 Chaplin's Bellevue Mazda/Subaru
1996 U-99 Miss Vons
1997 U-99 Stihl
1997 U-99 Miss Wellness
1997 U-1 Pico American Dream
1997 U-99 KGMB Channel 9
1997 U-1 Pico American Dream KGMB Channel 9
1998 U-20 Appian Jeromimo
1999 U-20 Appian Jeronimo
2001 U-20 Jack-son's Jeronimo
2001 U-20 Golden Nugget Casino
Owned by Mark Evans, Lake Chelan, WA
Rebuild the boat as a four seater.  
Master Hull# 9701
1997 U-1 Pico American Dream
1997 U-99 Miss Crazy Tomato
1997 U-99 Miss R.S. Eastin
1997 U-99 Stihl
1998 U-98 Graham Trucking
1998 U-9 Miss Vons
2000 U-28 New Kid in Town
Click on boat name to view a photo.
Click on boat name to view a photo.
Aluminum Wing Stabilizer Bracket Kit
part# SG100SB